Friday, June 12, 2009


Haven't posted in 'ages'. Well, Mr. Yamada is now going to Sidd, and believe it or not, want for him was very widespread, but, I had to give it to Sidd, considering that she entered the raffle in the first place. So, to move on, I'm now taking ideas for my next project to work on. This one'll be extra special because I've got all summer! The choices this time will be, Clay, Real things (I'll explain), Photography, and the beloved, pen and paper.

Real things, would be going outside and, lets say, taking an apple, taking a clay pink nose, and slapping it on there, poking two holes in it, and than it would be Apple nose dude! (Thanks to Sailor Cinko from the UglyDoll Forums for the idea.)

And, if that is the popular vote, I'll make a more specific poll as to who I should make.

So, a couple new fresh choices, and a nice new poll...

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  1. Yep. I'm the lucky one. Mr. Yamada is coming to live in my Ugly Family. All the Uglies are VERY excited to meet him because he is from far away, and one-of-a-kind. He's a very Limited Edition! So when he comes you will all see him on my blog. Thanks Digi.