Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Aw... Man...

Only Sidd wants Mr. Yamada...

So, I'll give everyone else a... Week, a week, to sign up, because 3 people on the poll voted "Oh Yes!", so I'll wait for them to sign up. If not, then it's going to Sidd... unless Sidd doesn't want it now that they've seen it... Because... well, It's my first plush, and all I can say is, it isn't pretty, but, I hope to improve. If you want to, please, please, as if I didn't say it enough, please join. He'll be worth like... 50 Kajillion dollars one day. You want that recognition. And the cash, if you're that type of person.

So, please.

If your stomach is telling you to, go for it!

$10.00 won't make the Earth crumble under... alien laser rays!


  1. hey there.. i know its your first shot which is really great that you made him... why don't you try to make a second one again to see how it turns out and try not to look at your other while you do a new one... and my boyfriend was wondering how you came up with the name Mr. Yamada?

  2. Well, Mr. Yamada's name, is what I got from just knowledge.

    It's sort of like a generic Japanese name, like John Doe for us.

  3. Well is the week up? If so, is Mr. Yamada MINE? PM me on the Ugly forum if you want me to paypal you. He will be very happy with us. It's ok if you changed you mind and don't want to sell him. :) I will understand.