Saturday, May 23, 2009

As You May Have Noticed,

There is a new poll, and it's basically a more specific version of the first, considering 'Plush' was the dominant reply, now, it's whether you want the Ebay Auction or E-Mail Raffle, instead of figuring it out in the comments.

Vote! I need your vote!

And, I'll figure out when It'll happen...

This may be canceled, so don't get your hopes up.


  1. O.K., I'm actually partial to the E-Mail Raffle too.

  2. Some people might not be able to participate in the email, so I chose eBay.

  3. E-mail would be better for me, and I'd like to have him go to someone that will post pictures or something like that.

  4. E-mail raffle. That is so fun!