Friday, December 18, 2009

Immune! Not! Really! At all!

I'm home today, sick (again?!), and I have a boatload of new art... Like, preview and Chapter of a manga I made, no I do not stink at manga, it looks real, maybe like 15 new pieces of pixel art, 2 new sculptures, a couple of failed plushes, and 350+ drawings. Yes, I know that 350+ drawings sounds like a lot, but if you actually knew me, you wouldn't doubt it.


  1. Hey, don't feel bad. I'm sick too <-_->

    When are you gonna put anything on Etsy?

  2. I'll take commisions, as I got a new scanner.

    Plus some new clay, and tools, which improves the quality of my sculptures.

  3. Hope you and Lauren are better soon. Digi, you are doing so much art lately. VERY cool. Hope you post some pics, or even hints at projects for us to enjoy, or anticipate....