Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I've been thinking...

Of making some sort of shop, whether it be Etsy, Ebay, once I get more things done.

I'm feeling making figure sets, of Characters, some old, some new. And they'll be Blindboxed. Yes. Fun. But they'll all be different! In their own, handmade way. Glob-o's been sitting around my roo- erm... Studio for a while, unhardened, and soft... so he's all dusty and disgusting. Nevermind about him, he'll go in my box of failed and/or not yet used prototypes. Anyway, this whole figure set thing I'm deciding on my own, so no votes this time. I think I'll give weekly hints to who will be in the set.

Some will be new to you, but older (and better) than sliced bread to me.

So get ready!

They're (hopefully) coming!


  1. do etsy, i do etsy and know about ebay (actually i just made an account b/c i want to get rid of things that aren't handmade or older than 20 years (per etsy rules). If it's older than 20 years it's call vintage which you can sell on etsy)

    etsy is cheaper over all with .20 a listing and them taking 3% if you make a sale. the only down side is when you pay your .20 to list it, the search list appears from new to old, so if you sell something that a lot of people make you might get buried... it's good to have some unique tags that way you will stay on the top of search...

    oops too much info. ^_^

    Anyways good luck!

  2. Thanks for the info!

    I'll go on Etsy and look it over right now.

  3. Those are some good ideas, Digi. Etsy is something I've also thought about. Got a lot of good info from the comment above. Tags and all. Cool.

  4. Justin told me a site called bigcartel.com but you can only post 5 products... if you want to post more you have to pay... so yeah just check it out...