Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm annoying. I know.

Well, I have made 2 complete Figure Sets, but I will not be selling them in complete Boxes, only one at a time. If you didn't read my previous posts, they are Blindboxes, but they'll still have their own imperfections, so there aren't any ones that are completely the same.

Now, I did say I'd hint to who was in the set, so I'll see if you can unscrable these.

No prizes, just the gratification that you know a couple of the characters in the set.

These are all of my original characters, and alot of them you haven't seen before.

tcetDivee orgF

oishT heT noinO oyB


O.K., that isn't all of them, but it is some.

If you remember my old Flickr with all of the Microsoft Paint drawings, you may know the second one.


  1. Well, the first one is Detective Frog (?)
    The second... Tisho the Onion Boy? ?
    The third is Boo.
    I think the second one is wrong...

  2. Good, so close.

    The second's +-Toshi-+ the Onion Boy.

    And there are some that I've made that I may sell, but they'll be editions of one or two.