Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vacation... Or not?

In Mountain Lakes, it was more of a Babysitting job for my crazed little twin cousins than it was a vacation. Not only did I risk my life by contorting my tall, clumsy self into small Submarines and undersized Motorcycles by hanging around with them in the Kiddy place in Rye Playland, I also put my Uglies, and everything else I brought for the trip in NEAR DEATH experiences. Mr Kasoogi met his match with being grabbed and pulled, and Winkolina faced a battle to the death with Scissors. Protoman's leg fell off, my Game Boy faced many unfamiliar hands, but that's more of my fault, because after I showed them my old Pokemon games they got an obsession. Well, I got $20 dollars and I went to their Ugly store and got one Action Figure. Guess who I got. Red Tooth Wedgie! Oh yes! My life is complete! But spending time with family, priceless.

(No pun intended.)


  1. pretty neat that you have the Red Tooth!! yes family is priceless ^___^

  2. I can't believe I did. Only my third action figure!