Thursday, July 9, 2009

What have I been up to?

Not much, I just ordered the complete set of the Vol. 2 Dragon Quest Blind Box figures, so I'm quite happy about that. I've still been playing my Wii alot, and I'm also starting on Glob-o, and I feel he's turning out great. So, I just don't want Summer to end, because it's so great, and lazy. I also got a bunch of shots yesterday, and my arm's very swollen. It's really noticable, and it looks like I lifted weights with one arm, and forgot about the other. Plus, my neighbors are moving to Uruguay, and my family just learned that my Dad's new job gets heavy discounts wherever we decide to go on Vacation, so I'll be using a lot of persuasion tactics to see if I can call the shots. Hopefully, but I'm still working on it.

So, once I think about it, I have been up to a lot, haven't I?

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