Thursday, May 21, 2009


I see that the 'Plush' option on my poll has gotten 62% of the votes, and it ends in 20 hours, so unless there is a complete uprising of the other choices, Plush'll be my next 'Big' project.

When It's done, It'll probably go on Ebay, so keep and eye out for it.

Unless you guys want the Mr. Yamada Raffle to become an option, so tell me in the comments whether you want the Yamada Raffle or the Ebay plush.

Please, Voice Your Opinion!


  1. Sorry Digi, what's Mr. Yamada? Do I need to read back through your archives from before I found your blog? Thanks.

  2. seeing you do plushes would be interesting.. can't wait to see it when you do.. do them..

  3. Mr. Yamada was the dude on my Avatar, but I'll post a pic.

    Or, just go here, and I do draw him alot, alot better.

  4. Oh yeah. Mr. Yamada would make a GREAT plushie!